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Then I bought a copy and showed it to him and he even found it vaguely amusing!When you watch Elijah in the LOTR's trilogy, it is easy to think of him as smaller than 5ft5 because of the special effects.🎂 It doesn't seem possible that the dear little blue-eyed Elijah Wood, who played Frodo Baggins with such conviction, turns 38 today! It is the one when Sam walks into Frodo's brightly lit bedroom at the very end and they look at each other and don't say a single word! They've just been through so much together that their look says it all - so, so beautiful!

Actor, voice actor, film producer, DJUnknown In 2015, he was signed up by the social cause group to become face of their new campaign along with Jude Law.Aquarius Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States Elijah Wood started his education at the St Patrick’s Catholic School at Arroyo Grande.However, after completing his third grade, his family moved to Los Angeles to help him get an early shot at the acting make the hobbit look short they had to include fellowship actors to be shorter than 6" as possible sean bean mortensen bloom are all 5"11 ish.said on 19/Nov/13Rob is there a chance elijah wood could be in the 5ft 6in range he can't be 5ft 7in because he was 5ft 7in he wouldn't have been tower by charlie hunnam the guy he was standing next too who is looks 5ft 10in range in green street.

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