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The “Real Housewives” whisperer welcomed a son, Benjamin, via surrogate in February, and has since received a mountain of gifts from celebs across the country, including a milk bottle shotski from Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, a mini guitar from John Mayer and a miniature Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast.Little Ben’s wardrobe is already shaping up nicely; on Tuesday, the infant wore a pair of 0 Fendi pants on a coffee date with Mark Consuelos. Ben is a straight up G with those pants,” Consuelos commented under Cohen’s picture.It's all so random, but it happened really organically, and I love that. If I'd been in charge of programming at Bravo and said, “I want to host a late night show” or be the face of the network, they would have sent me running for the hills. If people found it they were pleasantly surprised, and it was weird.It’s funny, because I was thinking recently of what if one of the big things I do went away, what would I do? We’re the only live show in late night, and the only interactive one. I'm gonna recommend you to join in, and you're gonna say I'm your recommended person. ' I'm gonna be your cameo person." "Would she shut the F up?! Soon the reception guests joined the hordes in the ballroom with a stage set-up like Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”Despite the room being dimly lit, guests managed to take loads of hand-on-hip selfies with their friends before the program started with more-than-a-handful of women on stage.

Kelly could hardly contain herself watching the precious footage, and Andy was Andy then asked who of her cast had the "best game," to which Sonja replied, "It's a toss-up between Ramona, Luann and Bethenny. Let's just say their message -- their i Message -- is on fire. New York's on fire and so are the Real Housewives of New York City." of Ramona, Kelly told Andy she was with her the night before her appearance on "WWHL." "I said, 'Orange County started the whole franchise,'" Kelly explained. Orange County started it all," Andy said, agreeing to call up Ramona right then and there to set the record straight. I wanted to prove to Bravo that I could do more with this little show than they had imagined — they weren't expecting me to book huge names like and Sarah Jessica Parker.I was an intern in 1989, my junior year, at CBS News. There were a lot of closeted gay guys at CBS News and people think, “CBS News? I was in the closet as an intern to everyone around me, but when I came back [full time] — it wasn't something I made a big deal about.Unfortunately, the lights didn’t come up, so it was hard to see whether or not hands were being raised throughout the massive room.When it came time for the much-awaited chat with Andy, it had been decided that instead of having a journalist interview Andy, it would be author Jen Lancaster, who had been the 2010 Chick Lit featured speaker and injected her own stories about people and her experiences.

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“I subscribe to the [Ryan] Seacrest-ian model of employment, which is to keep adding things that I love,” he says, and his résumé proves it.

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  1. This may also cross the line in the supposed Westermarck Effect, a theory that the instinctive biological aversion to mating with a sibling or childhood friend is highly dependent on actually being raised in close proximity to said sibling/childhood friend.