Intimidating legal letters to threaten suit

If the sender expects immediate compliance, notify the sender that you received her correspondence, are taking it seriously, and need time to investigate the claims she has made.

Refer to our section on Finding Legal Help for resources to use in making this determination.

The act of making the summary is valuable for you to evaluate your position and figure out your next steps because everything is fresh in your mind and later you may forget certain events; it will also help to focus your conversation with a lawyer (should you wish to consult with one) or be a good starting point for your own legal research; and finally, as you write, you may start to get a sense of the claim’s validity. Stand your ground, but be polite as abrasive language is likely to result in inflaming the recipient and making the situation worse.

Explain to the threatening party that you will be adding the sender’s letter or email to the CMLP Legal Threats Database--and do so!

If the sender does not provide a legal basis for her claims or if you are unable to understand what it is she is saying, you should request clarification.

Determine what law the sender is using to support her arguments.

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