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All employees are required to follow the rules that are set in place for a reason, and this reason is to protect the investment of the company and its employees.

Two employees that knowingly break the company rules can cause a strain on the other employees around them; this strain can come from many different areas.

This will not stop any employees from dating; it will only cause them to hide from their employers.

The third process for an employer to protect themselves is they may require each employee involved in the relationship is a mutual agreement, and it can also layout any guidelines that the employer may require for proper conduct in the workplace.

This is compared to just about 35% for those employees that are 30-46, and the upper age levels of 47-66 was even lower at around 30%.

( Although, older employees believe in the saying that you should never dip your pen in the company ink, a recent Career Builder survey found that of the 38% of people that they surveyed that admitted to have dated a coworker at least once, 31% went on to marry that coworker.

The best advice I have ever been given is to avoid this touchy area between my company and personal is to never dip my pen into the company ink jar, and putting it this way was a way to make one never forget.

If a workplace romance should end, this would then put the company at a higher risk of becoming a liability.

When a relationship ends and one of the former couples continues to interact at work with the other member, the employer can still be found guilty of sexual harassment.

I will be addressing the possibility of what kind of reaction a spouse or partner will have when the other person is promoted past the other.

I will also be expressing the companies’ concerns of what can happen in the workplace between couples, some of these are sexual harassment issues that happen during and after the relationship.

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