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“There is intergenerational transfer, but early intervention helps children understand what a healthy relationship is and helps them gain a mastery of the environment because, ultimately, domestic violence is about loss of power.” That is exactly what Batista hoped for when she started a teen therapy group in June 2012.

This is usually done within hours, however is never longer than 24 hours.

But what really alarmed him was as a teenager, Luis found his attitude toward his girlfriend slowly worsening.

“Things with my dad was making me [want] control over the relationship,” Luis said at the group meeting following the case discussion.

Michelle Batista, MS, remembers her last meeting with her clients vividly: She walked across the wood floors of the small conference room promptly at 5 pm on an October evening.

It was time for the monthly meeting at the Violence Intervention Program at a confidential location in Queens, New York, and Batista was ready to introduce the discussion topic of the day: dating abuse.

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