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The court's opinion said: "None of the citizen plaintiffs alleged that they were denied a marriage license; instead, they complain of the issuance of marriage license to others." The Bradley County lawsuit, which was originally filed by David Fowler (president of the Family Action Council of Tennessee), on behalf of a local pastor and a county commissioner, sought to prevent the county clerk from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.Fowler accused the Supreme Court of "usurping" the Tennessee Legislature's right to define marriage, and that because the Legislature has yet to modify its marriage-related laws, all marriages performed since Obergefell (whether same-sex or opposite-sex) are invalid.Often viewed as a regional capital of sorts, Knoxville has been a major population center for about as long as people have been living in the Southern Appalachian area of the US.What this means for tourists is that you’ll have a large number of places, events, and activities to choose from when visiting our great city.On June 25, 2014, Mayor Karl Dean signed the ordinance into law.

And I said there's no marriage to protect [between people of the same sex]. On March 17, the House approved it by a vote of 88-7. The next year, on February 28, 2005, the Senate approved it by a vote of 29-3.27% support for and 69% opposition to same-sex marriage.(January 2011) 32% support for same-sex marriage, 17% support for civil unions but not marriage, and 46% opposed to either type of legal recognition.

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