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So I take the come-ons as a validation, even when it’s clearly an empty gesture of approval.

When I was younger, hearing a guy state his personal “preference” regarding race never really made me think about what that actually says about him as a person. I just read it as a simple inclination, like how I usually go for guys who are smart and relatively tall, and how I definitely give out bonus points for glasses.

But according to the men who buy me drinks at bars and compliment those traits, I’m actually too forthright and mean “for an Asian guy.” I remember one time when a guy approached and informed me, “I like Asians.

Then the interaction launches into what has become a familiar routine: He asks why I’m sitting on my own, introduces himself, and compliments my facial features he finds pleasing.

My understanding of those who claim they are solely attracted to a particular race is that those individuals have identified a dominant trait that they believe cannot be found in people from different ethnicities.

Sure, people can argue that their romantic racial preferences are mostly about physical traits, but that defense falls apart when we consider the reality.

Summarizing my own dating history, I can acknowledge that I mostly date white men who are at least 25 years old.

Whenever I go out with someone of a different race, they usually are closer to my age. Their pale skin, brown or reddish hair, and their ability to attain a perfect 5 o’clock shadow just draw me in.

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