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If it was 0 in the 70's it has to be at least 0 today. My old Primare A20 Mk II is serving nicely as a temporary preamp and I have Snell E V speakers. 15: Monarchy Audio SM-70 (6.73) Posted by Type Recca on 2002-01-08, (2.108) I have a pair of Monarchy SM-70's that I love. BTW: ever tried a ST-70 with your Matrix 805's? 20: i have s3/5s (6.56) Posted by hifitommy on 2003-05-11, ( how does the 70 sound on them and which pre are you using? you should list your system so we can just click the (A) that will appear after your name ....... nt (6.42) Posted by chris on 2001-02-26, (.28) nt ....... on 2017-04-10, (.194) Go with products made for the application: a 70-volt amp and 70-volt speakers. Bruce is the one who loaned me the VAC 70/70 to audition. 35: Re: Classe 70 (6.27) Posted by Fernando Lezama on 1999-11-19, ( I had a Classe 70 to run a pair of Avalon spkrs, good amp for the money, particullary in the bass. 36: anything over 70 C (6.27) Posted by [email protected] productions on 2000-05-09, (208.1) Cooling fans are a great idea. (6.15) Posted by Lowell on 2000-04-03, (1.102) I was curious about those amps. (6.00) Posted by Hantra on 2000-12-28, (.2) IMO, the MX-70 B is so tight, and accurate. I have had mine for 5 yrs, and I would do it over again now! If auto-bias is a priority, however, you're right in that you won't find it here. 62: balanced sm-70's (5.99) Posted by Type Recca on 2001-04-19, (2.233) Pharmar Just wondering if you have ever compared your SM-70's in Single Ended vs Balanced Mode. I haven't tried reversing polarity on my AC outlet yet, but if that works I'll be VERY happy. 65: Re: VAC 70/70 vs BAT VK-500 (5.96) Posted by Tom §. However, did any of you experience huming noise/grounding trouble? 69: Re: Advise needed for Monarchy SM-70 vs M400 (5.91) Posted by Ubiquitous Skittercat ;,,,~ on 2001-08-31, ( I have auditioned in my system the SM-70 (mono), the SM-70 Pro (mono), the SE 100 (mono), and now have the SE 160 Hybrid (mono). (5.86) Posted by martin on 2001-02-07, ( is the Monarchy SM-70 Pro any better than Monarchy SM-70? 80: RE: Denon 3805 Zone2/3 (5.86) Posted by Bigguyin ATL on 2012-04-05, ( Yes Zone 2 ouputs requires an amplifier - The multizone Output can us the rear surround amplifier built into the receiver (there are speaker connections for this: You can set the source going into the ....... (5.86) Posted by panhead on 2002-06-14, (1.2) The SM-70 (not the PRO) sounds smoother and more tube-like. Particularly on the grounding and hum noise issues. 85: Need Charlotte Area Tech for Dynaco Stereo 70 (5.82) Posted by Paul on 2002-01-12, (2.120) Hi There, Can anybody refer me to a qualified tech to hunt down some crackling in one channel of my Stereo 70? (5.82) Posted by Todd Krieger on 2002-03-17, ( The HK 670 is an integrated receiver from the '70's, not an amp. It was top of a line that was one after the famous 730 receiver. Except for the 70 issues of MAD from the 60's and 70's that I ha .......

You might not get them for 0 the pair, but not much more than that. on 2000-12-08, (24.1) I recommend going with a bone stock Dynaco ST-70. 21: A Dynaco ST-70 makes the N805's sound the most MUSICAL, IMO! on 2000-11-16, (24.1) You don't need tons of power to drive the B&W N805's as other's will lead you to believe. You can pick up an old Dynaco ST-70 for around 0 or less(a fri ....... 28: Re: A Dynaco ST-70 makes the N805's sound the most MUSICAL, IMO! (6.41) Posted by Bare on 2001-12-21, (2.42) I own a ST 70, bought it new to use on a set of Tannoy monitors which have a 94db sensitivity.. But compared to even a recent Mid Fi integrated it is notably inferior, with both ....... (6.41) Posted by stereophonic on 2004-06-01, ( As posted earlier... Now I would like to start researching the history of variou ....... (6.38) Posted by Tromatic on 2001-07-05, ( Greetings! 32: You're not wrong (6.33) Posted by E-Stat on 2005-08-05, (.139) The Mark IIIs are 60 watt monoblocks. Some class A amps, have a thermal cutoff at 100 C, but If an amp gets past 70 is shortened to the output devices. 37: Re: preamp to use with Dynaco 70 amp (6.20) Posted by Bill H on 2001-09-21, (2.226) I use a passive pre based on the DACT attenuator, and I like it VERY much. I have heard MANY good things about the larger SE-100's, but never talked to anyone with the 70. Also, do you find that they work well the Kestrels, I've been thinking about those myself. on 2000-02-18, ( When are you going to quit putzing around and audition an OTL amp (Atma-Sphere, Graaf, Transcendent, etc.)? I did a search on SM-70 on this forum and found a lot of people complaint about it. I have never had a problem with noise or ground loop hum with any of th ....... (5.87) Posted by Steve Eddy on 1999-09-02, ( Which CD transport are you referring to that cost ,000? 81: Re: Ampless in Wisconsin (5.86) Posted by Suzy on 2000-03-06, ( I have to be honest, when I returned the VAC 70/70 I really didn't like it enough to think it was worth messing with my preamp (BAT 50SE) to figure out where the buzzing was coming from. I believe that all those extra MOSFETs are good for power but bad for sound. I am actually in Hickory but Charlotte is pretty close. 91: Re: Thanks for all the help with the VAC 70/70 amp (5.73) Posted by bryan k on 2000-02-15, ( Hello, I totally agree- new 6SN7s are a nice improvement on this amp. 92: Additional charges, searched site no explanation for it.

48: I'm sitting here with the windows wide open, it's 70 degrees out... I haven't heard the 70's, so I cannot comment, but I love my amps and must concur with the experience in dealing with the factory. (6.01) Posted by RBP on 2000-06-13, (208.1) The 70's receivers today would cost 1000's if reproduced. 95: Re: VAC 70/70 vs BAT VK-500 (5.70) Posted by Bruce from DC on 2000-02-18, (2.2) I thought transcendent (which sell exclusively over the web or mail order, allowed in-home auditions. (5.70) Posted by chris on 2001-01-21, (.185) I am currently using a CAT MKII and would like to hear from anyone who can compare the two.

You can go full nude on public cam without admin or website permission.Our video chat room is mainly focused for public webcam chatting.Where you can broadcast your webcam live on public for everyone in the chat room to view your cam without any permission.Otherwise it seems, according to your words, that is all you'll get for the device if you sell it. 8: Re: Yes, but the entry-level stuff has all but disappeared. 9: RE: REVIEW: Dynaco Dynaco ST-70 KIT Amplifier (Tube) (6.92) Posted by Mick Wolfe on 2009-03-19, (1.242) Yes, my speakers are 88 db and although the 70 does a great job, the 120 might be a more ideal fit. You'd be hard pressed to find its equal at a mini ....... (6.79) Posted by Rivets55 on 2006-04-17, (.88) Mid 50's to 70'S? 12: correction (6.77) Posted by slapshot on 2012-01-26, (205.1) I believe it's /year, not /month. I don't recall the rectifier failing due to an incident stated in the thread. (6.57) Posted by Mike on 2000-08-31, (.42) If you think the Monarchy is all that, your next step is a Pass Aleph 3 (about double the price of the SM-70 used). 24: RE: REVIEW: Dynaco Dynaco ST-70 KIT Amplifier (Tube) (6.45) Posted by rgurney on 2009-03-20, (.251) The ST-70 is optimized for 5881, 6L6, KT66, and KT77 The ST-120 is optimized for 6550, KT88, and KT90. 25: Re: Thanks for all the help with the VAC 70/70 amp (6.44) Posted by Greg M on 2000-02-14, ( Not a whole lot does compare to VAC. 26: Replacing the Dynaco ST-70 with the Cary SLA70B Sig. on 2000-11-01, ( Blew me out of the room. I could not listen to the Cary any longer after spending time with a Dynaco ST-70. Even my more mellow C-J MV-52 seems a bit b ....... I currently have a CAT MK II and have been thinking of upgrading. 64: SM-70 (5.97) Posted by Type Recca on 2001-02-04, ( The SM-70's really do sound great, IMO. Monarchy Audio SM70 (5.94) Posted by David on 2000-03-11, ( I love my sm-70 but then again there only 9 each. Monarchy Audio SM-70 PRO (5.94) Posted by Bill Fong on 2000-01-17, (151.2) Hey Guy. It is everything of the regular SM-70, but in the PRO the amp is : 35 x 2 watt Class A 100 watts Class A in mono block configuration 4 mosfet per channel (like Pass 3 am ....... I found a set of M-70'S at a thrift store for bucks and am going to revive them. 90: RE: Magazines -- Keep or Toss (5.73) Posted by Jive Turkey on 2014-04-14, ( In the old days I used to keep the journal sized Stereophiles for a few years.(7.09) Posted by Awe-d-o-file on 2006-03-02, (.153) Welll lets figure out what "a few hundred in the 70's" is today. 10: Preamps for Clayton M 70's (6.80) Posted by Angler on 2002-02-06, ( I recently acquired a pair of Clayton M 70. The ST-70 was an amp that sounded nice powered up cold, but when warmed up, the sound became ....... on 2000-11-16, (24.1) If you pair your B&W N805's,with a Dynaco ST-70 you will never want to buy another amp again for those speakers. I have a Pass Aleph 3 and lived with a well broken in SM-70 for about a week or so n ....... My personal preference for the 70 is the KT-66; for the 120, it's the KT-90. 27: How do you think Hovland pre will go with VAC REN 70/70? 34: Re: Ampless in Wisconsin (6.30) Posted by Suzy on 2000-03-06, ( I have been to Salon One, many times in the past ten years. 61: RE: Yes, but the Scott 208 sounds better (than my old ST-70) (5.99) Posted by Mick Wolfe on 2009-03-20, (1.243) The Latino ST 70 is a completely different animal sonically as compared to the original. (5.97) Posted by Chris on 2001-07-01, (.211) Have had a VAC REN 70/70 for several years and have been very happy. Obviously there are better, and I do have issues with ground hum. However if the Aleph 3's cost 00 as sterophile says so (Oct '99) then they had damn better sound better than the SM-70's! 68: Re: Advise needed for Monarchy SM-70 vs M400 (5.93) Posted by MM on 2001-08-31, ( Thanks for your advise. 78: Re: Advise needed for Monarchy SM-70 vs M400 (5.86) Posted by Ubiquitous Skittercat ;,,,~ on 2001-08-31, ( Go with the SM-70 Pro, and go mono if you can. 79: RE: Top 3 (or more) Concerts You've Attended (5.86) Posted by cvcasa on 2011-07-17, ( Between 70's & today, some favorite shows: Ramones CBGB - NY 70's, Patti Smith Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom - Atlanta 70's, Sun Ra at the Squat - NY, Lena Horne last Carnegie Hall - NY, Bobby Short ....... (5.84) Posted by Awe-d-o-file on 2019-06-18, ( I had a customer in the late 70's that would make long lead strips put them between the exhaust manifold and the fuel line to heat the gas before it got to the engine. 84: Advise needed for Monarchy SM-70 vs M400 (5.83) Posted by MM on 2001-08-31, (2.2) Hi All, I have read some very interesting reviews and comments on the Monarchy SM-70 here in the General forum. (5.80) Posted by RBP on 2000-05-11, (208.1) I do believe more than 70 % of my music purchases have been attributed to recording quality. Nowadays I toss most magazines when I've read them once.

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