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These offices are usually staffed by volunteer OA members who will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding a meeting in your area.

Meetings may list additional information, such as “open” or “closed” or may list a special focus or topic. Open Meeting: Open to OA members and non-OA visitors.

Use the search buttons to find a face-to-face, telephone, online, or non-real-time meeting (meetings that do not meet in real time, such as loops, social media, and mobile apps).

To be registered with the WSO, OA meetings must fulfill the definition of an OA group, which means they meet to practice the Twelve Steps and Traditions of OA, welcome all who have the desire to stop eating compulsively, do not require members to practice any actions to remain a member or to share at a meeting, and as a group they have no affiliation other than OA.

Closed Meeting: Open to anyone with a desire to stop eating compulsively or anyone who thinks they may have a problem with compulsive overeating, this includes newcomers.NOTE: Not all meetings have a Special Focus or Special Topic.Special Focus Meetings (gay and lesbian, women’s, 100-pounders, maintainers, anorexic/bulimic, etc.) are composed of individuals who feel they can more readily identify with fellow OAers with similar attributes.& Haloperidol - neuroleptic malignant syndrome Thioridazine - retinal hyperpig Chlorpromazine - Tx hiccups/singulutus Typical SE - EPS (akathasia, acute dystonia, tardive dyskinesia, parkinsonismantag D2 receptors CN III - eye movement (sup, medial, inf rectus, inf oblique); damage - ptosis, pupillary dilation, loss of accommodation, "down & out"CN IV - trochlear - sup oblique; damage - vertical double vision, worse when looking medially & down (reading, walking down steps)CN VI - lat rectus; damage - horizontal diplopia, medially devated eye FAP - 1000s large intestine adenomatous polyps, early onset colon CA, 20-30s, wt loss, rectal bleeding Tx - prophylactic colectomy2 variants: Gardner's syndrome - FAP colon CA skin, soft tissue/bone tumors (osteoma, thyroid CA, fibroma, sebaceous cyst)Turcot's syndrome - FAP brain tumorfree nn endings - pain/temp in skin/visceral organs Meissner's corpuscles - light pressure, fine touch, hairless skin (fingers/lips), adapt quickly Pacinian corpuscles - vibration/pressure, deep in skin, ligaments, jts Merckel cells - shapes/textures, hair follicles, slow adapting*Cell bodies of all lie in dorsal root/trigeminal gangliaintracellular R - steroid hormonesc AMP - FSH, LH, ACTH, TSH, CRH, h CG, ADH (V2), MSH, PTH, calcitonin, glucagonc GMP - ANP, NOIP3 - Gn RH, GHRH, oxytocin, ADH (V1), TRHTyrosine kinase (transmembrane) - insulin, IGF-1, fibroblast growth factor (FGF), PDGF, PRL, GHBowen's dz - single, erythematous, skin-colored or pigmented lesion on penis shaft or scrotum, ncircumcised men, can progress to squamous cell CAErythroplasia of Queyrat - glans penis or prepuce Bowenoid papulosis - multiple wart-like, resemble condyloma acuminatum (genital warts), younger, assoc w/ HPV 16, doesn't progress to invasive CAschizophreniform - 1-6 mon, at least 2 of: delusions, hallucination, disorg speech, catatonic behavior & neg sx (flat affect, alogia, avolition)Schizoid personality - introversion, detachment Schizotypal personality - magical thoughts, illusions, superstition Schizophrenia - sx stim by elev gonadotropin levels, seen in hydatidiform molar pregnancies (uterus larger than expected gestational age, hyperemesis gravidum), choriocarcinoma, exogenous use of gonadotropins (seen in intrauterine insemination or oocyte retrieval for in-vitro fertilization)CREST syndrome (limited form of scleroderma) - limited skin: face, neck & ext, better prog Most specific test: anti-centromere Abs Nnote: anti-SCL 70 Abs (anti-topoisomerase abs) - diffuse form scleroderma, involves all skin (including trunk), rapid onset, poor prog - affects cardiopulm & GIautoimmune disorder, inflamm of muscles (myalgia) & skin (malar rash, Gottron's papules - pink over knuckles & interphalangeal jts, heliotrope rash - purple colored eye, aka "shawl & face"), positive ANA & anti-Jo1 Absglomerulosa (outer) - ALD, Conn's syndrome (HTN, hyper Na, hypo K, metabolic alkalosis, DEC renin-primary hyper ALD, but INC in 2ndary hyper ALDfasciculata - CORT, Cushing'sreticularis - DHEA-S, testot, 5-DHT, virilization of females (hirsitism, etc), precious puberty, adv bone agemedulla - catecholamines (epi/norepi); paroxysmal HTN, tachycardia, diaphoresis, HA, tremor, INC urinary catecholaminesautoimmune lymphocytic destruction of adrenals, DEC CORT (GC), and ALD (MC), hyperpigmentation (POMC cleaves to form ACTH-INC & melanocyte stim hormone-MSH); dark skin not found in secondary adrenal insufficiencynon-obstructive gastric emptying disorder, caused by gastroesophageal dz, neuromusc, trauma, endocrinopathies (poorly controlled DM - autonomic neuropathy), NV, belching, bloating, discomfort after mealsflexor tendon has swelling/nodule, prevents fr sliding normally thru "pulleys" at metacarpophalangeal jt Sx - pain, snapping/clicking when ext/flexing finger Cause - wear/tear of tendon, infection, rep trauma, DM, RASmall cell* - small round blue cells Squamous cell* - keratin pearls, intercellular bridges Large cell - pleomorphic giant cells w/ leukocyt fragments Mesothelioma - Psammoma bodies Adenocarcinoma - Type II pneumocytesmade in nucleus accumbens (pleasure/fear) fr glutamate by glutamate decarboxylase, req vit B6!uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

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We ask each person attending to respect the meeting’s group conscience.

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