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The lad will have to choose what to do, he won’t be able to see her and she will be hidden in the love lift, is there a boy who will take the risk? Here are the pics and bios of all the 30 girls who will be kicking off TMO this Saturday night! Take Me Out 2016 Series 8 Girls Photos Check out Take Me Out Series 9 photos for 2017 here!

Take Me Out will be produced for Fox by the producers of American Idol and the X Factor and will be filmed in front of a studio audience.

Based on a very successful international program, this show features 30 single women as they search for a match and several brave bachelors who must make the ultimate first impression.Producers hoped that the presence of Lewinsky, who had found a living in selling handbags online, would set the show apart.If anything, it only exposed Lewinsky, who was 29 at the time, to even more public shaming.At the time, she was trying to rehabilitate her image.The year before, she had appeared on an HBO special in which she fielded questions about her life, town-hall style.

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