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For this method, the objective function consisting of static long-gauge stains and the first order modal macro-strain parameter (frequency) is established, wherein the local bending stiffness, density and boundary conditions of the structures are selected as the design variables.

Finally, a comparison is performed between the fatigue damage of some cables of the footbridge considering the two mentioned FE models.

The safe life method was used to assess such damage.

With the inclusion of the thickness parameter, the second case yields a maximum of under 0.4% in frequency difference, and all parameters attain more reliable updated values.

摘要: Finite element model updating is a well-known technique to better characterize the real behaviour of civil engineering structures.

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摘要: In this paper, two experimental techniques, Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry and Stroboscopic Interferometry, and two different finite element analysis packages are used to measure or to analyze the frequencies and mode shapes of a micromachined, cross-shaped torsion structure.

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