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Actually, that's for people that like you and so they can only message you based on your photos or a comment they want to make just once.

And then if you decide to respond, you can open up the conversation.

You can see their jobs situation, their [UNKNOWN] some photos any mutual friends that you might have and then you can actually decide on face value yeah I'm interested in this person, I like them or say no thanks but to actually initiate.

A conversation with someone and to actually tell them that you like them you have to tap on a photo and start a conversation.

Now, you can also get a little bit more granular, like in other dating apps.

And if your friend also puts you on their list, you'll match. Today, a test of the new service will launch in Colombia. Facebook Dating will be accessible via the bookmarks tab within the main Facebook app.The service is not available as a standalone app (like Messenger is), and Sharp says there are no current plans to make it one.If you decide that you're not really into them You don't respond at all and then they can't bug you again.And then, over here in this tab is all of the conversations that you have going at the one time.

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If you decide that you don't like them, that's cool, you can just say no thanks and then get a brand new match.

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