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Located in rural Massachusetts, Briarcliff was inspired by both the Danvers State Lunatic Asylum and Willowbrook State School.

While Lana Winters, played by Sarah Paulson, kicked off her fictional career by exposing the depravity of Briarcliff, rookie journalist Geraldo Rivera did much the same in real life.

It doesn't sit well with Vivien who would like him to just go away. Then she meets Leah and gets sleeping pills Ben has a new patient, Derrick, who is scared of urban legends, particularly the Piggy Man. Meanwhile Vivien eats weird delicatessens delivered by Constance to Moira.At least we can all agree that Jessica Lange needs to make a return for Season 8.With the FX show renewed all the way up until Season 9, let's cast our mind back to some of the horror secrets and real-life drama that has made we were introduced to Ms. As the laundress of the Hotel Cortez, she is the poor soul doomed to wash bloody sheets for all eternity.The Tale of Edward Mordrake draws its inspiration from an urban legend which has appeared in popular culture throughout the 20th century.According to , Mordrake was born with a second malevolent face on the back of his head that didn't talk or eat, but used to "smile and sneer while Mordake was weeping." The torment of his affliction drove him to suicide at age 23.

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