Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid

It seems every time I start doing a project using visual studio, I stumble upon all the possible bugs. I am able to ignore the message in visual studio 2010.Let's hope it would work on the remote sql server I'm about to upload the data to next week. Is there a way to set the default value to a constant value.This is because the NEWID function causes random activity and uses fewer cached data pages.Using NEWSEQUENTIALID also helps to completely fill the data and index pages.But the important part is that the Guid are "ordered" in a way that do not cause page splits (if the Guid is used in a index) and this is what happens when using the new sequential guid. When NEWSEQUENTIALID() is used in DEFAULT expressions, it cannot be combined with other scalar operators.You should start a new thread always when you have a new issue if already exist thread is marked as resolved, experts may miss it :) Keep your column datatype VARCHAR(50) OR NVARCHAR(50) and give your default value with single quotes like '4F1C7212-CC8A-4E92-A4F5-278254185ED9' See if it works.

Whenever you insert new record into the table, Identity column will be automatically incremented by 1 or predefined value that you set I put this in VS 2010 column properties of my table, in Default Value or Binding.After restarting Windows, the GUID can start again from a lower range, but is still globally unique.When a GUID column is used as a row identifier, using NEWSEQUENTIALID can be faster than using the NEWID function.Or you can use an ALTER TABLE statement to bypass the error and still set the default to newsequentialid(). I guess you're referring to int ID's (also known as identity column) which can have a seed and increment values, which I already have in my current table.FYI, this is a sample 'uniqueidentifier' value: 41cbbcd0-95fe-4c8f-9985-8b4ee8c5e49c Mike, There you have the answer to my question!

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