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HI, I recently done exchange transition from 2003 to 2007.Everything is working fine and i have shutdown both exchange 2003 boxes shut down to see any unknown dependency before decommission them.if we have not come up to your satisfaction then please ask for help from all the experts or if need be please accept the answers or delete the question.Thank you sir one problem i could see that the OAB folder is still empty C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB whether as per lots of technet and other articles this folder should contains address book data, what you would suggest ?Global Address List (Exchange 2003 2007 2010) Outlook 2003-2010 common Issues and Solutions Should the article help with the solution please mark the article as helpful? i removed "all contacts" and "public folders" from address lists of my OAB and everything started working fine.so overall my initial/earlier config was good but there was bug in E2K7 SP1 which restrict CAS to access CMS share and also something was wrong with my all contact address list which restrict outlook clients to download GAL and let them download older addresses.But i am seeing an issue that GAL is not being updated like i have created a mailbox and an distribution list day before yesterday but they still not populate in GAL, i already sent multiple mails to that mailbox to populate it into GAL but no luck. If the Address List is correct, the problem should be on your OAB side. After you migrate the mailbox from 2003 to 2010, you also need replicate all the public folder to 2010 and you have to do it manully.

my CAS is running with E2K7 SP3 whether mailbox servers are running in CCR on E2K7 SP1 and as per the below article there is a known bug in SP1 which restrict copying offline address book in CAS servers OAB folder. mode=viewid&post_id=25 I m planning to upgrade my mailbox server to SP2, do you guys see any issues in SP2 ?

In this post, we will learn how to fix “ (GAL ) Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook Error.” Users can download Offline Address Book (OAB) by following these steps: This error “Outlook cannot update Global Address Book” usually occurs when your BITS job list is completely occupied i.e., BITS transfer queue is full. “Local Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook” is an error frequently encountered by MS Outlook users.

So, to fix this issue, BITS jobs queue has to be reset or cleared. As full BITS job list is responsible for error 0x80200049 stating Outlook cannot update Global Address Book, resetting or removing the list is the only remedy.

The previous network admin moved everything over from Exchange 2003 to exchange 2010.

Ever since that was done, neither the global address book nor offline address book list any of the new users that have been created since that migration.

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i did everything i found here and on google but no luck..

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