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After all, everyone’s experience with mental illness is different, and your partner may be wondering how it effects you, and what it might mean for the relationship.“I told one guy about my BPD on our first date, and he actually went home and researched it,” Kiki recalls.

One out of every five people in America have experienced mental illness.

Geralyn is a 27-year-old mental health counselor in Tampa who lives with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Although she embraces these diagnoses as part of who she is, Geralyn definitely gets nervous about telling new partners.

We all know we shouldn’t date assholes and that a person who doesn’t accept you isn’t worth it, but when you’re really into someone and deciding if you’re going to tell them something you worry could jeopardize the relationship, those platitudes just aren’t that comforting. Without opening up and being willing to show who you really are, you’re cheating yourself out of an honest relationship, says Batterson.

So, is it ever okay to keep your mental illness to yourself? And, Kiki warns, it will likely come out eventually.

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