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Don’t put us in the ‘Eastern European box’, there are many countries in Eastern Europe and we’re not all alike (e.g.Don’t say something stupid about Yugoslavia (there are still people who think Yugoslavia exists – knowing some basic facts is a must).One man’s mountain is a mere molehill when Musk-think is applied.

He embarked on an affair with Sir Philip Green's daughter Chloe during the summer - and the pair were snapped kissing on a super yacht.

“She felt really betrayed when Jeremy left her and it hurt seeing pictures of him with Chloe - jetting all over the world and hanging out on yachts.

DJ was dating Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Granville, 45, but the couple split up in January.“Now she’s moving on and has found her own billionaire to have some fun with.

“Melissa and DJ seemed to be getting very close at the concert and are clearly having lots of fun together.

“He has also just come out of a relationship too so it’s early days for them both but they are just enjoying themselves and seeing what happens.” DJ is in line to inherit a huge slice of his billionaire father Donald Sr's fortune.

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  1. Anyway I did log on to the site and found him within a nanosecond. Our sex life has really just taken off and is fantastic, so why? There are four possible reasons to explain why he’s on swinging sites. He’s into that sort of thing and is embarrassed to tell you for fear that you might break up with him.