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'' Dianna doesn't look it, but she's really down to earth and loves how Nicholas lives a normal life.'' They've been friends for a long time.New blind item:#3 - This B- list mostly television actress from a hit network ensemble show took two days off from filming last week to have a procedure. The producer who got her pregnant said his wife would never understand. Murphy wrote the lesbian sex scene between Santana/Quinn as a dig because it'd be 'something Dianna would enjoy'.Because Dianna complained about the storylines her character were given.He told this person that Lea and Dianna were together sexually during the first two seasons of Glee. After that she told him she cared more for Lea and that she just wanted to be friends. Hope she continues with a career in movies since she's no longer on Glee. lola Agron chats on her cell phone while leaving the gym and heading to Earth Bar for a cool down beverage on Wednesday morning (September 18) in Los Angeles.

Dianna Agron is all smiles while visiting a friend's house on Thursday (August 15) in Los Angeles.newspaper: '' Nicholas is very low key so at first Dianna would just tag along with him to the pub and she'd be part of the gang.'' No one thought much about it but recently they've become a very close and are behaving quite couply.Braless Dianna Agron has wardrobe malfunction at Mc Queen gala Glee star Dianna Agron accidentally revealed too much of her breast as she stepped out in a low-cut dress at the Alexander Mc Queen gala in London on Thursday. There's a bitchy sorority girl vibe to her but she isn't a great beauty. Seems to have picked up some lesbian stalker-types. Diana is not only an actress, but also a singer, producer, director and screenwriter.

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