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With the help of some ex members of the Royal Military Police some more digging was done.It was identified that each of the five email addresses linked to ’Tinklesplash’ have at some time been used to post messages to WMHC from IP address .220, this IP address belongs to virgin Media and is issued within the Southampton area.“I was a GOLD MEMBER in another dating website in order to meet a woman from Ukraine…So I wrote to this girl my contacts informations (email adress, facebook, skype…)… Because it is much easier when somebody writes to him, when he doesn’t spend nothing – time, money, efforts and bears no responsibility. 🙂 He gave her his e-mail from good motives, he was so honest when he waited that she writes him on his private e-mail at the same time being a gold member.later, I received an invitation by this same girl to join UADREAMS. As this guy sees the situation, he shouldn’t write to her and show initiative, but she HAS to do this. That’s why it is easier to accuse the third part, of course Ua Dreams, of some offensive deeds… And I wonder how can one determine a “non-fake” men’s account? It was noted that two of these email addresses have the number ‘24’ in the name; this is common as humans find it difficult to come up with replacement dates of birth etc.

The creator was also posting pictures of his victims children and making derogatory claims, all to hurt and infuriate those who had really served and their families.Yet again using the armed forces as the main thrust to gain their ill gotten gains and like The Veterans Journey, claiming they employ ex forces to sell the magazine, yet to date.Not one has been found when confronted by real veterans.Tinkle knew something was up and posted this our guys looked at each of the IP addresses to resolve the ISP and approximate location, each of which pointed to the Southampton area.To be clear Virgin Media and Sky are both residential providers and there is no way these IP addresses are used by VPN providers, VPN providers tend to have servers in data centres as they would not be allowed to use residential ISPs and the bandwidth would not be sufficient.

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We then looked at the main poster who claimed the following Stephen Brown of Blackpool who we exposed selling for the Veterans Journey Despite bubbling Brown to us, both Pele Duncan and Wayne Kirtley both liked their mates scam page. People have already start to question them and like Kirtley and his gang the same line is given Again like The Veterans Journey the magazine is most probably plagiarism of someone’s work And wrists bands again, what a shock.

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