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I work for CHStoday and we're talking about how the dating scene is in Charleston. Single male, late 20's, dating rage mid 20's to mid 30s, work in a professional/corporate's lame unless you're into the bar/club scene as far as I can tell. As a female professional, I find dating hard in Charleston.

Our team ranges from single to in a relationship to engaged, so we don't all have first-hand experience with the dating scene in 2019. I work for a small company, so not meeting guys there.

For an article we're writing, we want to know- what's dating like? What's your experience using apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge? I also have joined rec sports teams and tried meet up groups and do volunteer work, but most others doing these activities are couples or other single females.

So dating apps aren't really worth your effort 95% of the time. Who is going to put in their profile "I hate fun, I'm miserable, and dating me will be miserable" or "Fun is overrated, you know what I like, doing nothing, ever, just perpetually sit alone"?

I literally ran across a profile on Bumble that said "I like to have fun with fun people".

I made the plan, if it went well I would get some, if it didn't, I planned to rejoin my friends.33 white male here. Of all the profiles I swipe right on, I only get about a handful of matches a month.

And obviously, any guy from Ohio is updateable :)Maybe 8.5 in looks but 4.0 in ambition and smarts (my experience at least). Being that it's Charleston's #1 pickup bar, and I only had to go there once to find a relationship I wasn't even looking for.

Dating in Charleston was the worst esp since so many of my guy friends had slept with or been in relationships with so many of the 8.0 . Before that, I had some reasonably good success with getting laid from Tinder.

I enjoy reading and learning new skills and looking for different ways to think about the world.

I'm not looking for marriage or to have kids, just someone I can talk to, and have lots of sex with. She wanted to meet up downtown, off the beaten path that is King Street.

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I have used Ok Cupid, Tinder, and Bumble on and off.

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