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The core of the house was then extended and the gardens were re-landscaped, either at the same time or at least prior to 1909, to include a sunken lawn, a pond and several outbuildings, greenhouses and cisterns/wells.

Occasional Paper 3: Middle Bronze Age and Middle Iron Age Occupation and Post-medieval Lime Kilns at RAF Staff College, Broad Lane, Bracknell, Berkshire An excavation within the grounds of the former RAF Staff College site, Bracknell revealed a number of features ranging in date from middle Bronze Age to post-medieval.

The fieldwork revealed predominantly prehistoric occupation with the Middle Bronze Age through to Middle Iron Age being the principal periods represented by clusters of pits and postholes followed by enclosures and small areas of fields.

The area was overlain by a series of Roman field boundaries which commenced early in the Roman period but had gone out of use by later Roman times.

A substantial house on the site, perhaps dating from the early 17th century, is known to have formed the core of a building destroyed by fire in 1961.

Excavation revealed a sequence of occupation dating from the 11th century AD through to the 18th, with a farmhouse rebuilt several times between the 11th and 15th centuries.

Two phases of prehistoric activity were recorded: the middle Bronze Age represented by pits; and the middle Iron Age represented by pits, two ring gully structures, dated by radiocarbon, and field boundaries.

A few sherds of medieval pottery point to only slight use of the site at this time.

Over the winter of 2012/13, two small excavations side by side revealed a surprising density of medieval pits and ditches, giving the first indications of the medieval layout of the village, with origins apparently in the 12th century, and little that need be later than the 14th century.

There appears to be a distinct break in occupation through the 15th century before a modest revival in the 16th.

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These were eventually replaced by stone-founded buildings in the 13th to 15th centuries which also included a probable dovecote.

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