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After meeting someone, invite them for afika and see how things go, but wait until you’ve settled a little bit more before inviting someone on a “dinner and drinks” date.Swedes are shy and calling it a “date” can sound a bit serious for some.Again, keep is very casual until you know how your date/partner feels.

That is why we have selected the best platforms where most expats search for a Swedish single.

The above-mentioned dating sites are all free of charge when you sign up.

Most dating sites, however, require small additional payments if you want to use extra features on their platform. When you invite a Swedish person on a ‘fika’ be prepared to pay for the meal.

Starting with a fika is a more casual way of meeting someone in private and getting to know them, without the pressure of doing something romantic which might be a bit intimate for some people so soon.

Coming from the UK, it’s very common that if you take someone to a restaurant, the guy pays for the meal.

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Don’t be surprised if it takes 2 or 3 dates before you feel like there is a flow between you.

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