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The other side of the equation has to do with identifying those aspects of our character that not only do not support this intention but actually serve to weaken it.Of all of the tendencies that diminish the quality of our relationships, few, if any are as damaging as that of arrogance.Consequently, trying to appeal to their sense of reason or logic by providing relevant information that challenges their position is unlikely to be successful.More often than not, those who are partnered with someone who has a predisposition towards arrogance experience a lot of frustration and even anger as a result of rarely feeling heard, accepted or understood.Arrogant as defined by the American heritage dictionary comes from which means “to appropriate for oneself, presumptuously; to claim without right” and “to be overly convinced of one’s own importance”.One of the unfortunate consequences of arrogance is that people who are guilty of possessing this trait often have no awareness of it and when confronted by feedback that suggests that they may be grabbing more ground than they are actually entitled to, often become highly defensive and even combative, which ironically demonstrates that they probably are.In dealing with arrogance, as with as with so many of the other “learning opportunities” that relationships offer, Gandhi’s advice to “ be the change you want to see in the world” or in this case, “in your relationship”, most definitely applies.The quality that we may most need to cultivate in ourselves if we are to influence another’s arrogance is it’s opposite; that is, humility.

That may take another go-round or maybe two, or more.Trying to get a person who is closed to input that is inconsistent with their perspective to be more open-minded is, as many of us know from experience, a losing battle. At worst, things deteriorate and there is a serious degradation of trust and goodwill.The alternative is not to try another strategy to get your partner to see things your way, since this will in all likelihood be responded to with more defensiveness or anger, but to respond with the very thing that your partner is withholding: openness, curiosity, and vulnerability.It’s not about who is ‘right’ but rather it’s about being heard, respected, and understood.When these conditions are met, a mutual understanding can usually be worked out.

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If they do, you will have the opportunity to express your perspective without judging or invalidating your partner’s view.

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