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Amazingly, Eckardt had New Jersey factories in North Bergen, Irvington, West New York and Hoboken.

His main office and display room was at 45 East 17th Street, N.

Starting with simple silver, the ornaments were eventually produced in a large variety of colors; classic red (the most popular ornament color in the 1940s), green, gold, and even pink and blue.

Any exterior stripes, or sometimes flowers, were painted on by hand.

Luckily for any collector, Shiny Brites were sold in divided cardboard boxes that held up pretty well over the years.

(Image via ) Metal caps and rings were standard with early Shiny Brites, but during the war, these caps were replaced with a cardboard tab for a string to hang the ornament.

In 1939, Corning started producing the balls, but the war slowed the operation.

Following the war, it became the largest operation in the world.

With a price point of just a few cents each, they were an immediate success with American holiday shoppers.

The Corning company didn’t decorate the balls in the beginning, when a majority of their factory production was still light bulbs.

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