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That leaves the US very vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

So while it’s unclear still if Russia’s hacking efforts actually influenced the outcome of the election, the fact that it is able to access such important information is already troublesome in itself.

“Most states these days have online voter registration tools or online absentee-ballot request tools.

That means that the voter registration data base is online,” Douglas W.

In a different, unidentified US state, the Russians were able to get information from a campaign finance database, which would give them insight into the financial connections between certain voters and candidates.

The intrusions scared these states so much that they ended up asking the Department of Homeland Security for special teams to help keep hackers out.

Apparently, the cyber intruders aimed to delete or alter voter data they got a hold of.

Others hired private companies for the same mission.

The Obama administration was worried about these developments, too.

The Russian campaign hit 39 states — twice as many as originally reported — and in one case hackers tried to delete and alter voter data.

That’s the startling revelation from a Bloomberg report this morning.

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Some inside the Obama administration wanted to go public with the information.

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