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In Blast From the Past, he was killed by Mechtavius Destroyer, but was ressurrected when the Brawlers went back in time to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from destroying the universe.

Hydranoid is one of the strongest species with a body composed of a highly intelligent, independent cell structure.

Pokud chceš ozvi se :)Detail / Odpovědět Ahoj, jelikož už delší dobu žiji sám, tak zkouším štěstí i tímto způsobem :-) Hledám fajn holku do života, já jsem také celkem v pohodě :-D Asi více info o sobě rád napíšu později, teď mě nic nenapadá...

Detail / Odpovědět Hledám přízněnou duši, která by ráda sdílela život (Praha 5).

He now battles as Alice's Bakugan guardian because the Silent Core's negative energy finally leaving him and Alice, leaving Alice as just herself, without Masqueradecaring for her as much as she cares for him.

He can also shoot hot fire that can melt all attributes.

Preferuji zdravý životní styl, zajímám se o léčitelství, astrologii, jsem střel...Small in comparison to the other monsters, Preyas makes up for it in speed. The second preyas has a split personality, one side is hotheaded and extremely rude, and the other is peaceful and overly polite. Trister is from Gundalia and is always looking for a fight. He represents a kappa and very much agitated with Roxtor. Tigrerra is a beast with a strong bond to Runo and willing to defend her with incredible ferocity. Blade Tigrerra Tigrerra's next evolution that resembles an anthropomorphic version of Tigrerra, which has long, yellow retractable blades at her hands, knees and shoulders. She was taken back to the royal palace to be turned into a bronze trophy for Prince Hydron. He first appeared in Jump to Victory, when he traveled to Earth in search of a new partner and ended up teaming up with Runo to help Dan, Drago, and Reptak in a battle with Wiseman.Elfin is like Preyas, for she can change attributes to gain an advantage during battle. She's known to be a parody of Sailor Moon with her looks, stances and transformations. Her hair is now twisted and she has a heart on her chest. She possesses a gigantic blade inside her body capable of cutting any substance in the human world. After winning the battle, Aerogan returned to New Vestroia to keep training with Tigrerra.Even more of his body looks mechanical, and he now has three pairs of wings.The armor on the front of his body can rotate like a huge grinder after he ensnares his opponent with metal cords that erupt from chinks in his wings this is probably a strange biological feature.

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