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Rich eventually released six-string models of the Bich body shape. Can you tell me what model and year and where it was made. It is unknown exactly how many of these were actually made, girls but there appears to be many more than previously though. The company started to make electric guitars in the s that were notable for their atypical body shapes.

Rich guitars, regardless of where they were manufactured.All imports carry an additional modifier such as N.Series or Platinum which idicate they are made offshore.As a result of the hassles over the name, these first B. The Bich has been acused of being a copy of a design of guitarmaker Dave Bunker.Rico imports are quite rare; only about or so were ever imported before the brand name was abandoned. The resulting guitar was a sort of squared off Bunker guitar combined with elements taken from the Eagle. The first Biches were strings, based on a concept of Neal Moser, who, according to Rico, had been thinking about building a string. Rich designs, including the Bich, were pretty much collaborative efforts.

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We thought it would be cool to make a guitar that had a body shaped like a Harley Davidson gas tank, and that was the Fat Bob.

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