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Prohibition started in the United States on January 16th 1920 and lasted until December 5th 1933 In 1929 the Owens Bottle Co. merged into a new company called the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.The new company used a trademark of an "I" inside a diamond, with a circle around the "I".In the 1960's fancy blue and white decal stamps were used with the state seal on the left side and serial numbers on the bottom. ALASKA: 1/2" Square Decal Tax Stamps were used in 1938. "1" is in a clear circle at the bottom of the stamp on some decals, and in an orange circle on others.The decals were green with black print, and had "Territory of Alaska" across the top, the territory seal in the middle, and "MINIATURE" across the bottom. 1938 tax stamps were 3/4 x 1" 1 orange with a yellow state. 1940 was a 3/4" x 1", 1-1/2 white decal with blue printing, an orange state outline, a blue state seal on the upper right corner, and a wavy line border.

In 1990 USA distillers moved from "Proof" to "% Alcohol" as a standard unit of measure. They had "State of Florida" on the top and "Alcoholic Excise Tax" on the bottom, and had a scene of palm trees by the sea shore in the middle.

Generally, next came heavy metal screw caps (both sides of WWII), which in turn were replaced by plastic screw caps (1950's - 1980's), which were then replaced by light metal or plastic screw caps with a clinch (1970's - now).

Other forms of capping, such as rip-caps, were used at various times and some were popular in some countries and not others.

There are various ways of dating miniature bottles, few of which are precise but all of which will at least give you an idea as to when that 'special' bottle was made.

Much of this page is made up, with permission, from an article written by late member Jim Crawford in about 2000.

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