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In a recent Ask Reddit thread non-British people are sharing all the things that they find odd about Britain.Things like when British people want to be really mean, they'll just proceed to be very polite to you. Or, on a more positive note; if a Brit invites you for a drink they very well might be talking about 10 drinks and a kebab.Makes the millennials look pretty reasonable after all.What can we say, maybe this Tumblr user's cat is hot?Our dystopian reality just keeps churning up wild cursed images, so we're inclined to keep sharing them to satisfy your dark pleasure.There's something about cursed images that'll just always bring us back for more. So, without further ado, here's a swell collection of people making disgusting messes with spaghetti, putting beans in their crocs, and a whole lot more.They may not have been exactly what was being asked for.They may not be morally, physically or spiritually correct. Hell, they might even be factually inaccurate and dumb, but we still have a love of dumb but clever jokes that are technically true.

It seems to be convincing enough to actually fool some people.

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