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For two years, I lived in Madagascar as a Peace Corps volunteer.

It’s hard to sum up the experience in a succinct, one sentence answer, but for anyone who asks: “It was both fantastic and really, really, tough.” Most people get the obvious challenges — Malagasy work ethic was more laid-back than in America and sometimes presented problems.

Long story.) Then come the less normal aspects of love in the time of Peace Corps.

First and foremost, Peace Corps is a finite experience. People are in love and will work hard to stay together, whether that means moving to be near each other, or maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Or, for those that get involved with a HCN, they get really good at the local language and learn details about our country-of-service that is otherwise inaccessible.[2] Love in the Peace Corps is dramatic.

Peace Corps life in general is already dramatic, since the highs are extreme and so are the lows.

Both relationships can be successful and beautiful—it all comes down to the quality of the connection.

Though, presumably, in most cases the situation is more complex.

Relocating anywhere for a relationship is tough, and it’s also a huge commitment.

Still, like in “normal” life[1], romantic love finds you anywhere. All these volunteers-in-training get dropped into this new environment and become each other’s support system.

Some types of relationships found in Peace Corps: -PCV and PCV (eh, common and expected.) -PCV and Host Country National (or HCN, which is considered to be the ultimate sign of successful integration.) -PCV and Peace Corps Staff (not officially allowed, but it happens.) -PCV and long-distance significant other (for the brave souls that can foster relationships from thousands of miles away.) In Peace Corps Indonesia, all of these relationships have occurred or are currently occurring. A support network reached most easily by cell phone.

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Peace Corps relationships don’t have the luxury of time and space “to see how they go,” they get intense as soon as there is talk of someone moving half-way around the world. It’s not a romantic tale filled with foreign excursions and chance meetings[6]—it’s the tale of how most people fall in love: locally, and with people very similar to themselves.

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