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So I applied to do a master’s degree at The New School, got accepted and was back in the city five months later to start classes.

This time, it felt more long-term given the program was two years long and I was more set on a path to be independent and figure things out on my own, which I definitely did, but New York does not like to make that process easy — starting with trying to find somewhere to live. One of the main things that made my decision to move to New York so easy was that there was no language barrier.

In London, it’s really hard to get anything to eat beyond a kebab past 11 p.m., and no one really goes out at the start of the week.

The 24/7-ness of New York still feels very specific to this city.UK lifestyle brand Ted Baker captures that precise combination in its Colour by Numbers collection, a curation of contemporary everyday items rendered in unique colors and shapes — something a denizen of either city might appreciate.To highlight that versatility, I enlisted three Brits with cool style to model the Colour by Numbers collection and showcase some of its best statement pieces. I grew up right in the middle of the city and went to school and university within a two-mile radius of my childhood home. A., with lots of back and forth to London and New York, I knew it was time to head to the East Coast.It’s no secret that this city is hard work, especially when you’re juggling an independent business and a freelance career simultaneously. A., I was used to everyone being super-friendly and chill everywhere I went.New Yorkers are great people, but I’m not sure “super-friendly and chill” is how I would describe them.

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New York had always been one of my favorite cities to visit and had great energy, so I applied to a program that facilitated internships in N. When the year was up and my visa had expired, I had to come back to the U.

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