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My boyfriend talks and texts with his ex at least every other day.

I think this much contact is needlessly excessive and could likely if it hasn't already create opportunities for cheating.

So next time you encounter a man you find interesting and he starts texting but never makes plans or asks you out, just care less. If you have a dating rotation, you will hardly even notice.

Do you find yourself attaching to men that don’t step up? Do you find yourself trying to make things happen with men.

You may not be the only woman he is dancing this dance with. E-tethering or E-maintained is when a man does just what we are talking about. He gives the least amount of emotional and physical investment possible to keep you as an option.

If he wanted to see you or make plans with you, he would.

He may even ask to meet you last minute or just call up and want to come over late at night.

It's Friday, you haven't heard anything from him, but you don't want to make plans and then have him call. Ladies, everyone deserves to meet a guy who is going to pull out all the stops for her. But the truth is, if a guy wants something or wants to spend time with someone, he will make time for it in his life regardless of how busy he is. Remember: If he's not texting you back, do nothing.He takes the time to text you good morning or text you goodnight. You tell yourself, he wouldn’t be texting me if he wasn’t interested.Maybe he even tells you he is busy or has a work or family crisis going on, so you justify why he texts but never makes plans.If all he can do is text you, maybe you become too busy on your other dates to reply to these mindless texts. It’s not what you do that gets a man’s attention, it’s often more of what you don’t do.Let him E-tether other girls, while you be easy to lose.

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