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Perhaps the most important factor in deciding to use Drupal is the very active and large community of developers engaged with its technical development, on-going testing, and collaborative support.

As the overall architecture of Drupal open source is highly extensible, developers produce a wide range of modules that provide new functions as required.

In a review of CMS options available, it also became clear that Drupal [1] was well positioned as a content management system (or, emphasising its highly modular and extensible design, [2] ) to supply required functionality and features.

Since its beginnings as open source CMS project in 2001 (with a strong boost in momentum around 2005), Drupal has been well known as for its adaptable, modular architecture for content management.

data software rdf framework api html database rss xml apache usability archives metadata css identifier repositories video python preservation graphics linux visualisation perl php mysql json drupal licence taxonomy research standards jquery sqlite attests to continuing interest in this topic.

Semantic linking within ARIADNE is considered within the spatial, temporal and subject dimensions.

The subject dimension is considered in depth, starting with a review of linking tools considered relevant to ARIADNE followed by a discussion of the ARIADNE approach and the vocabulary mapping tools used within ARIADNE.

There are several factors that influence the accuracy of C activity requires very sensitive techniques: gas proportional counters (GPC), liquid scintillation counters (LSC) or accelerator mass spectroscopy (AMS).

The maximal age which can be measured by GPC is about 40,000 years, by LSC 50,000 years and by AMS more than 60,000 years.

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