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“And then they realize, ‘Oh, literally I’m gonna have to marry her’ – and then they exit.” But despite the downsides to her wait, her mind and heart are set on maintaining her virginity until after she says “I do.” And she’s sure that the first time, with her future husband, will be epic. “Well for me, it’s gonna be good, ’cause I don’t have a comparison,” she said.“I will not compromise on my morals and this is an amazing gift I’m giving to my husband so he better damn well be worth it,” she added during the episode.“I believe that my desire to remain pure is perfectly in line with God’s best for my life.I know it will aid me in escaping deeper heartache than what could take place in my relationships.

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As part of her Christian faith, she decided long ago to maintain her virginity until marriage, which she’s spoken publicly about before.

And even though my beliefs have changed a lot since then, I can also identify with the belief that sex should be saved for marriage, or at least for some significant level of feeling or commitment.

There is no doubt in my mind that female virgins feel this pressure.

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