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Your international users won't be using the same date/time format you're using and it won't pick up user preferences (e.g., date order or 12-hour vs 24-hour). Date Format (not to be confused with the previous Date Format).

There are some methods here that return formatters defined by the system's locale, like get Date Format() and get Time Format()(among others): The problem with these formatters is that they are inflexible; what if you don't want to show a year on a date? There are only limited circumstances where these formatters are good enough. It has two powerful methods - [format Date Time()]( Utils.html#format Date Time(android.content.

If a file is produced at a certain time of today and previous versions are archived, "yesterday's file" almost certainly means the last file archived and not the file created at PM the previous night. It might mean any time back to midnight of the day before, but people can throw it around very loosely and mean "within the past 24 hours". /usr/bin/ksh # Get yesterday's date in YYYY-MM-DD format. | 29) print -u2 "Invalid input" ; exit 1;; esac eval `date " day=%d; month=%m; year=%Y` typeset -Z2 day month typeset -Z4 year # Subtract offset from day, if it goes below one use 'cal' # to determine the number of days in the previous month.

If you are writing scripts, be sure to understand what they really expect. If we are comparing file date (see File date comparison), are we talking about creation time, the access time, or the modified time? We used that on old SCO Unix systems; you might still be able to find it at com (dead site? # With argument N in range 1..28 gets date N days before. day=$((day - OFFSET)) if (( day Inexpensive and informative Apple related e-books: Take Control of Automating Your Mac Take Control of High Sierra Take Control of i Cloud Take Control of Preview El Capitan: A Take Control Crash Course ---July 13, 2004 The following command will do the job without any mess. "\n"; exit 0; ---December 8, 2004 echo $(date --date='1 day ago' %Y%m%d) worked fine on linux, thankx "Amber" -merouane ---December 13, 2004 here the script of tapani in pure bash #!

FORMAT_SHOW_DATE); // date == "December 20 - 24" date = Date Utils.format Date Range(this, cal1Time In Millis(), cal3Time In Millis(), Date Utils.

For my applications, I use a small C program that reads STDIN for a date in YYYYMMDD format, converts it to a SQL date number, adds X number of days (which if negative, goes back in time), converts the result back to YYYYMMDD format and writes that on STDOUT.You may notice in the example above that the date ranges seem to be off by one day; that's because it cuts off at midnight.If you add a millisecond it should properly format the range.(One final note - the example code above shows output in my locale.In your locale it may differ - this is on purpose, of course!

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If I don't get enough donations to cover that expense, I will be shutting the site down in early 2020.

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