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So, if a member of the KC Staff speaks to you because they feel that you are in breach of KC rules, you must comply with their request to cease and desist whatever activity they are asking you to stop.Failure to comply with such a request will eventually result in, either, a) your ability to talk and move around the server being removed for a period of time, b) a temporary ban from the channel in question or c) possibly a temporary ban from the entire server. We DO understand that mistakes can be made, we're all human after all (apart from maybe the Furries : P).Neither one of had said anything since we had first watched his bulge wiggle and we still weren’t talking to each other. My breasts were bouncing as Daddy fucked me and Daddy was watching them do that.My breasts are pretty firm so they don’t bounce a lot even when I am being bounced but they do a little and they are cute when they do and Daddy liked watching them, I could tell. His eyes got watery and he was breathing through his mouth and he began to make these mumbling noises that sounded a little like words but I couldn’t understand them.“It hurts my feelings, Daddy, if you don’t even remember that you fucked me. “You wanted to fuck me, Daddy, you told the people in the chatroom that you did.” “A dream come true,” Daddy smiled. Sometimes people have the same dream over and over again,” I said softly, buttoning up my jammy top but doing it very slowly so Daddy could have a nice long look at my breasts. Maybe they come true a lot, too.” I yawned and stretched. She always does.” “Maybe she will burn it up this time by mistake,” I said, making Daddy laugh again before I left the room and went to bed. I mean you really shouldn’t fuck me, Daddy, but if you are going to fuck me you should at least remember that you did. Are getting senile or something.” I felt cross now. I just am dazed by it all and amazed that it happened. I hope you are ok.” I wiped my face now and I wiped the cum off my breasts while Daddy watched me. Daddy laughed in a strange way, as if is something was getting stuck in his throat. I felt warm all over and very happy and sexy, too, and I kissed Daddy on the cheek and walked to the door, making sure I wiggled my bottom as I went.

I was thrashing around and making noises and I think I hit Daddy in the face without meaning to but it didn’t slow him down.

I decided to sneak up on him and give him a surprise hug. Even though I am eighteen and a senior in high school, I still love surprising Daddy and making him laugh and I was almost giggling myself as I thought about him jumping in his chair when I put my arms around him. It said, “Incest” in big letters on the side of the screen. Daddy was trying to block my view of the screen by sitting up as high as he could but I could see half the screen over his shoulder. Let’s see, um, is it Aunt Ginger because she is very pretty.” Daddy laughed. I lost sight of Daddy’s big hardon a second before I felt it against my cunt.

Hmmmm, Daddy seemed to be in some kind of a chatroom, I realized, when I looked over his shoulder at the screen. Daddy finished typing what he was saying and hit the enter key. “Bigdick: yeah, I have this same incest fantasy all the time. The cock pushed into the opening of my cunt and then Daddy just let me sink down on it.

Please understand and respect that if you should email us about a decision, we cannot enter into discussions with parties that, in the opinion of the Managers and Owners, are not directly involved in the reason for the complaint.

To appeal a decision, please send an email, attaching all relevant information, to: "appeals [AT] kinksterschat [DOT] com" This is an ADULT server!

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  1. This is often an especially cruel reality for gay youth, who may turn to an older person for sexual initiation and experimentation, out of fear that approaching their peers may lead to humiliation and possibly even physical danger.