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Also great leaders such as Julius Caesar that started to build Rome as a great city and empire by also focusing on military strength in order for Rome to conquer other great civilizations such as the Ottoman Empire.

Then you Have Augustus Octavian who brought Rome to a Golden Age, or Pax Romana.

The long straight roads built by the Romans wherever they conquered have, in many cases, become just as famous names in history as their greatest emperors and generals.

Building upon more ancient routes and creating a huge number of new ones, Roman engineers were audacious in their plans to join one point to another in as straight a line as possible whatever the difficulties in geography and the costs in manpower.

Other famous roads in Italy were the Via Flaminia which went from Rome to Fanum (Fano), the Via Aemilia from Placentia to Augusta Praetoria (Aosta), the Via Postumia from Aquileia to Genua (Genoa), the Via Popillia from Ariminum (Rimini) to Padova in the north and from Capua to Rheghium (Reggio Calabria) in the south, and many more besides, all with extensions made over time.Consequently, roads used bridges, tunnels, viaducts, and many other architectural and engineering tricks to create a series of breathtaking but highly practical monuments which spread from Portugal to Constantinople.The network of public Roman roads covered over 120,000 km, and it greatly assisted the free movement of armies, people, and goods across the empire.The situation was suitable for the entrenchment of hegemony because those in power used food and other social resources to divert the attention of the populace from political involvement.The Roman Empire came, sadly, out of the slow decay of the Roman Republic.

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Because of the infighting and political stagnation, eventually one man consolidated enough power to become Emperor.

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