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Minimize risk and accelerate the contract lifecycle with built-in contract management functionality.Cut costs and risks and ensure compliance using the market’s broadest set of e-procurement solution capabilities. Improve cash flow and deliver more bottom-line value while reducing supply chain costs and liquidity risk.Others on the left, such as Wolfgang Streeck, write from a perspective of despair about the rise of “Trumpism” and its national/populist European equivalents as a consequence of the collapse of the “centre-left” project of market-based global internationalism.Streeck writes: In the 1990s, the centre-left placed its hopes for restoring growth and consolidating public finance on liberalised international markets.His approach is affirmed by the work of John Ralston Saul, who has suggested that after 1995 (his considered “high-point” of globalisation) nationalism and ethnic and religious fundamentalism have all but destroyed the dream of a liberal world order and accentuated division in the political and economic spheres.The book articulated doubts about the “hyperglobalisation” thesis predicting the end of the nation state, by pointing out that the overwhelming majority of foreign direct investment (FDI) was not between Global North and South but was exchanged between the rich nations, and more often than not within the same corporations over national boundaries.Real-time supplier collaboration with deep supply chain visibility.Smarter, faster supplier risk management decisions. Simpler procurement with improved contract compliance. And a stronger financial supply chain through accounts payable automation and working capital optimization.

The message worked for Trump, as the Democrats had no place to hide from the suggestion that they were to blame.

The protectionist mindset sits side-by-side with the proposition that we have now entered a period where globalisation as we know it is at an end.

Indeed, suggestions of globalisation’s demise began more than a decade ago, after 9/11, identified by some commentators as the end of the new liberal world order promised by Francis Fukuyama in his 1989 essay “The End of History? Ferguson equates contemporary political developments with that of the period at the beginning of the 20th century, when an earlier period of “globalisation” collapsed into war and economic nationalism.

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he election of Donald Trump as president of the United States crystallised fears among sections of the financial elite that the world economy was beginning to spin towards a new era of protectionism.

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