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Than had the creatur no wryter that wold fulfyllyn hyr desyr ne geve credens to hir felingys unto the tym that a man dwellyng in Dewchlond whech was an Englyschman in hys byrth and sythen weddyd in Dewchland and had ther bothe a wyf and a chyld, havyng good knowlach of this creatur and of hir desyr, meved I trost thorw the Holy Gost, cam into Yngland wyth hys wyfe and hys goodys and dwellyd wyth the forseyd creatur tyl he had wretyn as mech as sche wold tellyn hym for the tym that thei wer togydder. Than was ther a prest whech this creatur had gret affeccyon to, and so sche comownd wyth hym of this mater and browt hym the boke to redyn.

The booke was so evel wretyn that he cowd lytyl skyll theron, for it was neithyr good Englysch ne Dewch, ne the lettyr was not schapyn ne formyd as other letters ben. 4124 telde hir in parcel of the cawse, told her part of the reason.

Thei that beforn had worshepd her sythen ful scharply reprevyd her; her kynred and thei that had ben frendys wer now hyr most enmys.

Than sche, consyderyng this wondyrful chawngyng, sekyng socowr undyr the wengys of hyr gostly modyr, Holy Cherch, went and obeyd hyr to hyr gostly fadyr, accusyng hyrself of her mysdeds, and sythen ded gret bodyly penawns.

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Sum proferyd hir to wrytyn hyr felyngys wyth her owen handys, and sche wold not consentyn in no wey, for sche was comawndyd in hir sowle that sche schuld not wrytyn so soone. rewlyn hirselfe, She might not measure herself nor rule (control) herself.

Alle the werkys of ower Saviowr ben for ower exampyl and instruccyon, and what grace that he werkyth in any creatur is ower profyth yf lak of charyté be not ower hynderawnce.

And therfor, be the leve of ower mercyful Lord Cryst Jhesu, to the magnyfying of hys holy name, Jhesu, this lytyl tretys schal tretyn sumdeel in parcel of hys wonderful werkys, how mercyfully, how benyngly, and how charytefully he meved and stered a synful caytyf unto hys love, whech synful caytyf many yerys was in wyl and in purpose thorw steryng of the Holy Gost to folwyn oure Savyour, makyng gret behestys of fastyngys wyth many other dedys of penawns. Kempe draws here upon the ancient and false link between leprosy and lechery.

One entry per person per allowed method (maximum of 5 entries per person, total). Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received.

and are at least the age of majority in their place of domicile, be it 18 or an older age.

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