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Thus, follow the principles of chastity before marriage, and physical faithfulness after marriage.God instituted the divine institution of marriage when he brought Eve to Adam.True love, as it is described in Philippians 1:9-12, is enduring, kind, faithful, and hopeful.It is never jealous, conceited, unmannerly, irritable, self-seeking, demanding its rights, it never takes pleasure in injustice, and it never fades. Perhaps one of the major causes of failed relationship is the speed and extent of involvement before love has time to gel.Too often, these failures get their roots from partners who confuse sex with love.Let's begin with a biblical look at the purpose of sex.By Genesis , it is obvious that when two partners marry, they must leave their parents and assume total responsibilities for their own lives and actions, and for their own new family unit.There is to be no dependence upon parents, once the partners are married.

When we're away from that person, even for an extended period of time, we still love them, miss them, and long to be with them. Even when a person dies, our love for them remains, and it pains us that we can't enjoy that person's company.When we're dating, marriage should indeed be at the forefront of our minds.We should approach the process of dating with the same careful judgment that we use in finding a marriage partner, using our mind, will, and emotions.Too often, a couple "falls in love" too quickly and emotionally.The circumstances can be deceptive, although they seem perfect.

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God made us as physical, spiritual, and sexual beings.

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