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**MST3K FAN EXCLUSIVE** 30 Year Anniversary NEW Fan Based Show Opening. it's like a shlocky porno but instead of sex there's incredibly dull chase scenes and toy boats. I'm trying to get the bap-ba-da-duh song as my ringtone. If Michael Caine and Andre the Giant had a child - LOL - Also the host segment with the death ray - LOL - Every time something bad happens to Crow and he starts screaming I lose it, I just can't stop laughing for time after that.

Truly this must be one of the worst films ever made; thank God for Mike and the 'Bots for making it bearable.

- Where did Professor Carmichael white lab coat go when they reach Billy's sub?

- After the briefing, Bart Fargo visits the lab and watches the security film--and recognizes Frank. Carver exchange a little more small talk on the plane and Bart tries to steal her seat belt.

She is also proud that her career is ethnically sound and provides a much appreciated service.

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