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I have to say, I highly suggest that some of you start reading these comments completely befor giving these knee-jerk reactions.Had you read my comment completely, you would have seen that I stated ALL those women were mixed.point in bringing up that article about Reggie was that he seems to be the type of guy who has a certain type of taste in women.

To all of those trippin and calling us black females JEALOUS.not the case wtih all of us..THEY were not a good match PERIOD, Reg is not interested in all of that partying w/white people.. Yes he's a successful Black man, who does need to get back on his game, and he CHOSE to date outside his race.PLEASE KNOW his BLACK mother has a LARGE influence on him and what he does inthe long run.. Here's a thought, instead of getting mad over someone who doesn't want you, how about you get happy with someone who does. TRUTHHURTS: you know it is sad when there is a breakup but iam sure kim k wil just be find.You as a “black woman” should know our struggles, but u appear to have a lot of self hate. I reccomend that you see a psychologist perhaps.5a relaity check and get ur big ass head out the sand: racism is still alive and ignorance is too. I also read somewhere that he gave her an STD, don't know how true that is though...We hope now that he has seen the light that he will prehaps make better choices in his dating/ sex life. segregation is fucking bullshit no matter your color, rosa parks would be ashamed. Jay: Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Amerie are mixed race- if they were black they’d never be as famous.

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