Brian van holt and courteney cox dating

First, Courteney has allegedly been boning Brian for months – tabloids were reporting their alleged affair months before Courteney and David Arquette announced their split. Even though Courteney seems to be publicly denying that she and David are going to divorce, I’ve been wondering for a while if Van Holt isn’t going to end up The New Ex Mr. How would it look if Courteney began rolling out a new relationship? It would be comfortable-looking photos of two costars talking and bonding, and then in a few months, they walk a red carpet together… And then an brief interview, confirming that they are, in fact, dating. When Court & David actually split though, is up for grabs – and it’s totally possible that Cox and van Holt began having a sexual/romantic/emotional relationship AFTER Courteney and David had decided to try a trial separation.

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co-stars Courteney Cox and Brian Van Holt, who play exes on the show, are dating in real life.

This is weird, because their characters are more like brother and sister than ex-husband and -wife.

To know more about his life and career, you can read his biography in Wikipedia or IMDb.

Courteney Cox, 49, whose divorce from David Arquette was recently finalized following their split in 2010, is dating Brian Van Holt and is reportedly finally ready to go public with her new romance after being linked to her co-star several times in the past.

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But Cox and Van Holt are not the first TV stars to make us feel uncomfortable with their off-screen relationship — for more on them and four others, read on.

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