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In honor of Bi Week, GLSEN and bisexual youth across the country took part in a Twitter chat last Friday, Bisexual Visibility Day, to discuss bisexual student experiences.

The chat topped off a week of celebrating bisexuality through #ILove BIself, a campaign created by GLSEN's National Student Council dedicated to highlighting issues facing bisexual youth, promoting self-care and working to erase biphobia.

Erica Saunders, a bi and trans minister who has recently been ordained at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, a Baptist Seminary. Continue Reading (Originally posted on March 2, 2019 by AM Leibowitz on their blog.) About the Book Synopsis: A hundred pages of direct, uncompromising, and lyrical poetry filled with moving moments of intimacy, humor, love & …

Continue Reading Published 2019-03-05 Elizabeth speaks about the NYC Feminist Film Week program Vivid Glances with Patricia Silva, Guest Programmer; Film-maker Shelby Zoe Coley; performance artist, Edythe Woolley, a.k.a. Continue Reading Published 2019-02-26 Elizabeth and Amy host Jan Steckel about her new book of poetry, Like Flesh Covers Bone.

Here's some beautiful #bivisibility & #bipride from #Wales.

Remember: you can be #bisexual no matter the gender of your partner(s) (if any).

report was researched and written by Lucas Ramón Mendos and published by ILGA.

It is copyright-free, provided you cite both the author and the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA).

The largest differences in personal well-being were seen in anxiety.I grew up in a homophobic group of friends with internalised homo/biphobia.Didn't accept I was bi until my late twenties and by then I had found my soulmate - a woman.Bisexual people also recorded the lowest levels of happiness and life satisfaction in the three years leading up to December 2015.The transgender community was not included in the research because the study focused on sexual orientation, not gender identity.

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