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If you are a woman who wants to get married and have a Christ-centered marriage or you’re already married but having struggles, this book is for you!Together with Christ is worth every bit of a five-star rating.However, the results of successfully communicating our love are tender intimacy and a stronger marriage bond. Learning to Appreciate Our Spouse It is easy to focus on the aggravations, annoyances, and behaviors that frustrate or anger us in marriage.This can cause us to lose sight of the significant gifts of kindness and service our spouse gives us every day.With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time to work on our closest relationship.With that in mind, here's a look at the 10 Bible studies that people like you downloaded most from Christian Bible on the topic of love and marriage. Christian Marriages: Ideal or Real Shouldn't Christian homes be peaceful and well-ordered, characterized by constant harmony, a spiritual atmosphere, pure motives, and financial stability?But we can't expect to face the challenge on our own and win.

This study will explore how to train our hearts and minds to be thankful for our spouse. Our main purpose in marriage should be to focus on being of the same mind, according to Jesus, so that with one accord and one voice we glorify God.

These love languages are channels to communicate our love to our spouse.

They require sacrificial effort, contemplative forethought, and purposeful demonstration.

The purpose of this study is to see ourselves as God sees us, and to understand his expectations of our time together as married believers. Marriage by God's Design has swept through the imaginations of American women "many of them married" with force. Men and women both have sought titillating escape since the beginning of time. This study offers insights from Scripture on how to seek God as a couple and as individuals within the context of marriage.

As James Parker wrote in an Atlantic article, "Above all, we fear numbness. In a world desperate for a turn-on, where does a faithful Christian marriage fit? In prayer, in worship, and in the Word, couples can pursue a relationship with God and learn to rely on him—together. Communication in Marriage Communication problems are as old as Adam and Eve.

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