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Then I drove home to die alone/cry myself to sleep I experienced something similar.I got dumped by my girlfriend and went to visit my mate, who lives six hours away, for the week.I spent the whole week doing stuff with him and his girlfriend, and cause he lived so far away, it wasn't like I could just leave.When we hung out with other people, they were other couples. What other outfit is gonna feel the need to have a national week?Maybe we should have a ntional Irish week, or a national rust week, maybe a national dead leaves week. It depends on who you want to be friends with really.So you’re on some kind of vacation with your friends. “They just wouldn’t,” you think again, “They wouldn’t do this to me.” And then, the small puckered smacking of lips and tongues.“I’ll just try to ignore it,” but you can’t, it’s the only thing to listen to in this goddamn room, and the harder you try the more magnified all the saliva and teeth-knocking becomes.

Send them letters, keep sending each other photographs and remember to ask them about how they are doing and what they are getting up to? They're laying next to each other on the bed, and I'm sitting up by the corner. I did In high school I went over to my best friend's house to hang out with him and his new girlfriend, who was my other best friend.I can understand my friend wanting to hang out with his girlfriend, but her being there the whole time, after I'd just been dumped, was not too fun. What’s an extra flush now and then, in exchange for your dear friend’s happiness?

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The above solutions offer only temporary Band-Aids for eliminating uncomfortable arguments, and what you truly desire is an end to the fighting.

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