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If you purchase the smallest credits package they sell, then your per minute live sex chats will cost you €1.00 a minute.With purchase of their largest credits package, each minute will cost you only €0.68 cents a minute.At four credits a second, or €4.00 a minute, this makes them one of the most affordable private sexcam sites out there.If you purchase the largest package, the 1on1 VIP chat with only run you €2.72 a minute. What Is has built here is a direct and no-nonsense European webcam site.This is not a site with the best webcam streaming technology behind it. Everything most other sites flaunt as their reasons as to why you should join them, are not happening at Is What is happening, is this: Webcam girls from the Netherlands.Unfortunately, they only process purchases with Dutch banks.So, if you don't have a Dutch account, then move on to the next best option, your credit card.

If you can figure all this out quickly, then you'll only have spent a few cents to get your peek.After choosing a credits package, you'll proceed to the payments processing page.You can pay via your bank account, your credit card, or My Secure Wallet.If you can't jump on a plain, train, or automobile, to join in the fun, then Is is a great virtual solution.Here, you'll have access to the beautifully decadent women of the Netherlands, in this unique European sexcam site.

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