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Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) admitted to dating a rich man’s son, Calvin (盧啟賢) earlier but a news reported that Calvin had not ended his 7 years relationship with his old love, Nina.In end April 2018, Bernice expressed her trust in Calvin and he was friends with Nina only based on her knowledge.Having started his career working mostly on films, Chan subsequently concentrated on his TV acting career with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), including roles in productions like War and Beauty, a drama produced by TVB.On 17 November 2007, he won both the Best Actor and Most Favourite Character Awards at the TVB 40th Anniversary Award Show for his character Dak Dak Dei (得得地) in the popular drama series Heart of Greed.Kay's Entertainment is a place where you will read translated Asian entertainment news and Hollywood gossip.Articles are either translated by KAY or taken from other websites with credits.(You and Moses have been dating for a long time) We partnered up for a long time." Moses pointed he is always low-profile about his relationship, hoping to keep a space. Some people feel comfortable about it and will share it with everyone. " Moses didn't expect Bernice to ask such thing, but he was smiling, and said: "Maybe will get married tomorrow.

Although Bernice insisted Alastair was just a good friend at the time, she stressed that her breakup with Moses occurred in 2008, and that a third party was not the cause of their split.

She said: "Moses and I have communicated and he said he didn't say 'past is in the past' as it was reported." The actress said this sentence caused misunderstanding and everyone is criticizing her.

Moses told her he did not say it and they are always friends and colleagues.

If repost, please with TVB or others, and is used only for personal interest to provide translated e-news.

Original articles are in Chinese and is from various Chinese newspapers.

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