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The heart of Barnard's campus is Barnard Hall, aligned with the Barnard gates and the main east-west axis of the Columbia campus.It was built in the style of Columbia's academic buildings across the street and houses the college's athletic facilities, including Le Frak Gymnasium and the Barnard pool, as well as classrooms and lecture halls.

The Barnard campus is connected by open-access tunnels, which make traversing campus easy in inclement weather, which is more than can be said for Columbia's tunnels, which require virtual spelunking skills to access in some cases.We shall, therefore, anxiously await from our correspondent the account of something 'real naughty and shocking' to keep alive interest.We should not like to suggest a love affair with a tutor; but if such an event came to pass spontaneously in the course of time, nothing could be further from our profession of impartiality than to restrain the news of it." – Beginning in 1891, Barnard began operating as an affiliate of Columbia, with further refinement of the arrangement in 1893.Barnard has managed to survive, and thrive, thank you very much, while co-existing with the co-ed college across the street ever since.Barnard is institutionally and financially independent, while academically and socially linked to Columbia.

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Milbank Hall is the oldest building on campus; it was the original building when Barnard moved to Morningside Heights with Columbia in 1897.

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