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End of Excerpt John Fuller: Well, we have some wisdom for you from Tommy Nelson today with Focus president and author, Jim Daly and I’m John Fuller.

Jim Daly: Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church is our featured speaker today and next time, really because you responded so favorably to his program last week.

It’s a cliché, but you make your bed and then you have to lie in it.And so, you have to have the wisdom, like this couple did, to properly evaluate that person that you have dated, that you intend to go to courtship. The standard of moral righteousness and the personality, you’ve gotta to be willing to live with.Secondly, you’ve got to have consistency in dating.I don’t see my heart going any place.” And girls, that may not make you happy or excited, but nevertheless, he’s been honest with you. They had sensitivity and communication and they got along. And the other big one is, you have got to have patience in letting the relationship go on. You go to Denny’s and you spend from 7 to 2 on the first date. In verse 8, we’re in a new day and this couple that has dated with wisdom and success and consistency and sensitivity and piety and restraint, now let’s see what a man should feel in a good courtship. Behold he is coming, climbing on the mountains, leaping on the hills. Listen, I did a trip to Jerusalem one time for three weeks, cost me 0 in phone calls just to hear my wife’s voice because I couldn’t take being away from her. Every time that I read this text, I think of something that I saw when I was in college. Arise, my darling, my beautiful one and come along.’” Ladies, what period are we in? You’re gonna have some guys that no matter how godly they look, they have been through a number of women. ” Then you turn and run, because if they can’t forgive you for what you did against another, then what’s gonna happen when you get married and they have to forgive you for what you do against them?And I see more couples get hurt from bad communication and the lack of it. Now don’t do it on the first date, ’cause that’s presumptuous. And the guy just goes, “Blah,” (Laughter) and just lets everything out in his entire life. My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.” And in verse seven, she is called a young doe, a gazelle. Our athletic dorm was just down from the girls’ dorm at Maple Street. The voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land. Fellows, you might think that girl is pristine pure in Christ, but she might tell you some things that will amaze you. Don’t you dare marry an unforgiving person, because unforgiveness is the root of pride and of self-righteousness. Fellows, how does Jesus Christ love your girl-to-be?

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And I want you to know that if you would like to back out of this, you owe me nothing but honesty. You say, “And if I’m not the fellow, not only do you need to leave me, but I’ll pray and find the guy that you should marry.” (Laughter & Applause) That’ll work. And in the same way, fellows, if you’re taking this girl and she’s a wonderful friend, but it doesn’t want to go any deeper, and girls, you need to give him the freedom to say. I said to my wife, “I would hate to be a woman and always have some knucklehead like us, you know, kind of, you know, (Laughter) ‘Say, uh …” and what do you say to them? It’s like those kids at the mall and energy is coming off ’em like bug zappers, you know (Laughter), where they’re walking around with each other (Laughter) on the mall. Whenever a girl says, “Thanks, but no thanks” or whenever a girl shows any inclination, here’s a great verse for you: Proverbs, “Do you see honey? And I wanted to walk close with God just to be with her. She is an innocent dove up in the clefts of a rock in the steep pathway back there.

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